I love it when something just catches my eye, when I’m not expecting it, and i have my camera with me. Thank goodness the G9 is a body part! I just have one comment… if this thing had flown nothing good would have came of it… these things FREAK me out. I’ll probably have nightmares tonight after just looking at this picture!!

Purchased some new muzk today… included was a fabulous “summertime” song… “Say Hey” from the album ALL REBEL ROCKERS! Michael Franti and Spearhead with Carla Swanson.  Buy it on iTunes.

Tell me you are up dancing if you are able!!! :o)


~ by kcjewel on August 22, 2009.

11 Responses to “Newborn”

  1. “Say Hey”…better to dance thru a nap than a good night’s sleep!

  2. 023 you didn’t ask me, but you definitely made the RIGHT choice!!

  3. I think the metamorphosis is wonderful!! If God hadn’t planned this type of growth, we wouldn’t have butterflies! Or a lot of other bugs that are beneficial to us. I don’t know what this bug is. Do you?

    I don’t normally listen to this kind of music on this youTube video, but I like this one. :D Thanks. Did you ever fix it so the link for Jason’s music was available?

  4. that’s a very nice thought iona. i think it is a locust… kinda scary looking!! glad you liked the “happy” music. if you take a look at the posts titled “THE Texan” and “Castro” there are a couple of YouTube videos you can click on just like you did this one. ENJOY!!

  5. Ick. Very cool to look at as long as they don’t start moving my way! And did you see the G11 is out? I’m a little sad that my G10 doesn’t have some of the better low-light features.

  6. We call those bugs Cicadas. I like how they sing, and I think it is amazing how they shed, but….I’m completely with you on the flying thing. Great to look at while stationary, but hysteria worthy if flying at you.

    The song, while not in my normal style of music listening, was a lot of fun. :D

  7. exactly!! I did see the G11. things change so quickly. i’ve had my G9 only just over a year and there has already been a G10 and now a G11. the only time i’m disappointed in my G9 is definitely in low light so i will be anxious to hear the true reviews of it’s improvement. that screen looks a bit awkward!

  8. Thats so Cool! Look at those colours, beautiful!
    Do tell me about the nightmares tommorow! :P
    ‘Hey Say’ ‘i looove youuuu’ really enjoyed the song, with some hangover steps! lol!! :)

  9. I think it it really pretty (but then I kind of like bugs in general). The blue and green are so delicate.

  10. Excellent capture! Like a natural science exhibit.

  11. And I love it when an image comes together like this. Does happen often enough but when it does, the result is usually a real winner… like this!

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