Wet Feet


We’ve had a ton of rain this week, but today was an absolutely beautiful day. It seems it was only around 75 degrees today. During the garden walk i noticed that the bittersweet is beginning to turn… fall is definitely around the corner.

I can’t take a good photograph right now for the life of me for some reason. I think maybe I’m distracted by the mosquitos that are still biting like crazy!! Anyway took a little pic of some of my many garden frogs… they don’t mind getting their feet wet.

Go Chiefs… we need a win, even if it is preseason!

~ by kcjewel on August 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Wet Feet”

  1. Oh, my goodness they are so incredibly cute. =)

  2. How cute!

  3. I love their toadstooly umbrella. And, btw, you just took a good photograph.

    Chiefs? Really?

  4. hey burstmode, thanks for the compliment, but don’t be gettin’ personal here on my photo blog… a gentleman doesn’t kick a girl when she’s down. be careful or i’ll block you. oh that’s twitter where i can block people… ROTFLOL!! i needed a laugh this morning (after yet another loss last night) thanks!! ; )

  5. Would have left this reply last night, but blogspot was being a tad bit cranky.

    I think your frogs are really really cute! Love the way they are sitting there smiling under their toadstool. Makes me smile too. I like their color and the background of the photo as well. Nice shot. You did good and didn’t even know it.

    I’ve been told that if you mist yourself with Listerine it will keep the mosquitoes away. I’ve been intending to try that and also try carrying a Bounce sheet around hanging out of my hip pocket is supposed to work too. Or rubbing yourself with the Bounce sheet. Maybe try all three!! :D

  6. So Cute :)

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