Jason that is.


His first single was released to pre-order customers today. Pre-order the album here and get the song FREE. Have a listen to “Let’s just fall in love again” .

No I didn’t take this photograph (I would have moved the garden hose *smiles*), but I have posted some of him that I have taken in previous blog entries!!   Can’t wait to see him on stage again performing his original tunes.  I might just have to make a trip to the Texas State Fair!!  He’s performing and said he would be walking around to get a corney dog… haha. Who wouldn’t love a corney dog and some Jason Castro at the fair?  I would!

~ by kcjewel on August 18, 2009.

7 Responses to “Castro”

  1. Good looking lad. Thought he was a girl at first he is so good looking. But those eyebrows finally made the decision for me. lol I couldn’t find a clip to listen to. Too much clutter on his website.

  2. At first me too thought so! He has got that kinda features!
    ‘Let’s just fall in love again’ Sounds romantic! I’ll give it a try! :)

  3. WoW! nice music! Thanks buddy

  4. I remember this guy…
    You would like the Texas State Fair. Lots of photo ops.

  5. He’s good! :D

  6. For what it is worth from an old woman, here are my thoughts:
    Thanks for the youTube videos! Enjoyed them. BUT . . . being the old foggy that I am, can’t exit without a couple of statements. Don’t think I’m picking on Jason. He is only doing what most of the other performers do in the Rock World. I don’t understand. Why do they have to shout, as vs sing? And why can’t they enunciate their words so they can be understood? They need some training to vocalize, and to enunciate. Professional singers – like opera singers – project without shouting. Why can’t these young people understand how to use their vocal cords so they aren’t shouting?

    Otherwise, not bad. I can understand your becoming a fan of his.

  7. gosh iona you sound like my parents did in the 70’s *smiles*. i guess there were some copyright issues with the youtube posting of his new song so i put a new link in this post for you to check out. he enunciates quite well in this one! :o)

    the kind of musical influence i prefer my nephews to grow up with… quite unlike the musical influences i had in the 70’s. don’t get me wrong though i LOVED the music of the 70’s (and part of the 60’s too). LOL

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