Major Distraction

Yes, Big Brother is cutting in on my photography time! I’ve always loved this show so the photography will just have to wait! I hope he wins!! (No I didn’t take the photo, but I would like to! *smiles*)


~ by kcjewel on August 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Major Distraction”

  1. I really want him to win, too!

  2. Nice lighting. Tell us, would you pose him slightly differently?

    I have never seen Big Brother. The TV is usually on to some sort of kid show.

  3. tdc… we will keep our fingers crossed for jeff then! who doesn’t love a guy that shows some sensitivity??!!

    burstmode… i dunno, this pose is like a modern day “the thinker” very sexy, but “the thinker” didn’t have any clothes on did he? *tilts head*

  4. Nice pose! :) I’ve never seen ‘BiG B’! What is it all about! Who is this guy?

  5. WildBlack, Big Brother a crazy reality TV show and it’s on three times a week. The “fun” can be all consuming for me. Jeff (the guy in the photo) is a contestant and he’s my favorite, and evidently America’s favorite too! *smiles*

  6. Haha! Cooool! Your favorites usually wins the shows I think! :D

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