They say it “feels like” 102 degrees right now, but if you ask me it “feels” a lot warmer than that. I was sitting in the garden, camera in hand waiting for the goldfinches to return to the coneflowers today, and decided to look around and find a spot of visual cool… this is what I came up with. Then I came inside sans goldfinch photos. *smiles*


~ by kcjewel on August 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Coolness?”

  1. Goodness, what a gorgeous shot! Very cooling for the eyes — are those hydrangeas?

  2. thanks nikki. yes, one of the latest to bloom… pee gee.

  3. What a great shot! That is indeed “visual cool”!

  4. Beautiful, I wouldn’t have thought they could have coped with such heat presumably you have high humidity too?
    I misread your text, I thought it said ‘goldfish to return to the coneflowers’ that would have been a wicked shot ;)

  5. Definitlely CoooL! :)

  6. Yeh…this is coolness and a bit of green, too.

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