Another FFF (Fun First Friday)!!!  The day started off at an estate sale at the Kansas City Academy where we were lucky enough to get a quick tour of the art department. Forget the estate sale, the school was a work of art!  The photographs were taken in the entrance of the historic building.  After the estate sale, turned art show/tour, it was on to Good JuJu, Manny’s, Urban Mining, City Union Mission Thrift and the DAV!  Even though it was a very hot day, who cares when there are good friends, good food, good shopping and Good JuJu!!!

The photos below show stark contrast to the camouflaged radiator above.  I like the way they painted the pipes bold, drawing the eye up to the ceiling.




~ by kcjewel on August 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Camo”

  1. Love the camouflaged raditaor! :D Ofcourse, who cares about the weather when there are good friends and good fooood to go with! lol!

  2. Crazy artists! I should know. My daughter is one!

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