His Father’s Son


He really does sound like his dad… and looks like his dad (maybe a little bit prettier)!  *smiles*  Every concert I go to these days ends up being the best concert I’ve ever been to!! This one now tops the list.

Back to California
Everybody Out of the Water
Confessions of a Drunken Marionette
Feels Like Summer
6th Avenue Heartache
If You Never Got Sick
Letters From the Wasteland
Some Flowers Bloom Dead
Closer 2 U
God Says Nothing Back
Up from Under
Hand Me Down
Empire in My Mind
God Don’t Make Lonely Girls
One Headlight
Shy of the Moon
Three Marlenas/The Difference
I’ve Been Delivered
Nearly Beloved
Everything I Need

It just doesn’t get much better than that… and good ju ju too!!  Taking a photograph of a musician is worse than trying to photograph a butterfly!!  Plus, it’s dang difficult to shoot someone in a hat, much less someone in a hat in the dark. I feel lucky to have gotten a few halfway decent shots.

Serena Ryder opened the show… girlz got skillz!  Had a tweet from Jason Castro a few weeks ago that hinted she was something and that she is!

Listening to The Wallflowers, Shy of the Moon.

I finally got my video uploaded to YouTube… it takes forever.  The video quality is poor and I almost got knocked over (one of several times) by “her” who had to run back and forth in front of us all night.

~ by kcjewel on July 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “His Father’s Son”

  1. Between you and me, I like him better than his daddy.

  2. Very good capture. I’ll be getting my chance to photography musicians at work over the next week while the Musikfest music festival in Bethlehem, Pa. runs from tomorrow through August 9. Numerous outdoor venues and ALL types of music. You name it and its there.

  3. edvatza, i just had to look at the lineup! now i’m reeeealy envious… three legged fox is one of my favorite bands and i’ve never seen them live. if you are lucky enough to catch them i hope to see a photograph!!!

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