Was Here


I named this rose “Was Here”… it was here when I purchased my home and I have no idea what it is. I guess it could be “Was Here, What it Is?”. When this rose blooms the second time it’s a sign to me that summer is winding down. Guess it’s time, but I’m not ready for fall quite yet!!

~ by kcjewel on July 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Was Here”

  1. It can’t be fall approaching yet! Look at all that greeeeen in your photo!

  2. That was a nice little bonus with the house! Sure is pretty! I’m not ready for fall yet either. For some reason I really don’t look forward to the coming winter this year.

  3. Summer has hardly begin. It can’t be fall too soon–I have a garden to plant before fall gets here!

  4. I also meant to say, that is a really pretty rose. Could it possibly be Bonica? They are pink and bloom twice.

    thanks kateri, it does sort of look like bonica on steriods, but i don’t think so. bonica is a popular rose in my area, but this one is about 7 ft. tall and the blooms are much larger than a bonica bloom. i appreciate the suggestion!! i would love to know, but it may remain a mystery.

  5. A good name for a rose. Thank you for visiting, and leaving a comment on my blog recently. You have such a talent for photography. Your photos are inspiring. x

  6. A perfect Rose! with a perfect Background! Well named! ;)

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