Bleeding Rain


The caladiums are loving this beautiful wet weather we are having and so am I. We have had a truly incredible summer (so far… knock on wood). Might I add that the mosquitos in my garden outnumber the plants by about 1000-1. I just can’t wear gardening gloves and take photographs but I certainly wish I could!

I’m very envious of people who can take photographs of water droplets which actually reflect a scene. Maybe someday I will be able to master the art… with LOTS of practice!!

~ by kcjewel on July 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bleeding Rain”

  1. Reflection or not, nice photo. Love the droplets and the veins in the petal.

  2. Great colors and nice highlights in the droplets. I’d also like to work more with rain drops. I sure envy your wet summer! We are in our hot and dry time and our skies are filled with smoke from the big wildfires in British Columbia. A good rain would be so welcome!

  3. Your waterpearls are beautiful, and most important; your photo is telling a story, too. I like it because it makes me wonder about the history behind.

  4. Bleeding rain it is!! You have your own style. The droplets seems to be precisely focused! Gorgeous shot! I like the way you frame your shots! They all have a very distinct feel!! I love it!! :D

  5. Cool colors and the droplets set it off perfectly.

  6. I really like this photo. What type of lens did you use?

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