I’m just plain lazy this evening so, while going through clothes to part with, I came across this tee. No copyright infringement intended here… not selling this photo… because it’s not good, i don’t sell photos and I took it only because I’m tired and Tink is fun!

Tinker Bell (proper name) Though sometimes ill-tempered and vindictive, at other times she is helpful and kind. The extremes in her personality are explained in-story by the fact that a fairy’s size prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time, so when she is angry she has no counterbalancing compassion. *tilts head*

How many pairs of jeans does one really need to keep around? I think I could stand to get rid of a few pairs, but which ones???… they are all my favorites!

~ by kcjewel on July 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Tink”

  1. Nothing needs to go but “tink”!

  2. i know your mind gf… you just want her!! *smiles*

  3. I have the same problem too. Even when I’ve lost so much weight the clothes don’t fit any longer. Hang on me like tents! :D

  4. “Every time someone says ‘I do not believe in fairies,’ somewhere there’s a fairy that falls down dead.”

  5. Growing up, jeans were quite frowned upon. Until I went to college, I owned only two pairs. In college, I bought my first levi jeans. To this day, I think I only own one pair.

    I think the photo above is a good photo.

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