Stargazer III


The window of opportunity both in gardening and photography is very narrow. Maybe I’ll try again next year for that perfect photograph, because it appears I’ve missed my opportunity with these. I gave it the old college try though!

It is so hot and humid today, it rains a little bit every hour or so. Rain is great this time of year, but these beauties hold so much pollen that the slightest rain turns the blooms and leaves orange. Hence, the photograph of the back sides today.

Right now it is pouring across the street and not raining a drop at my house and the sun is out… surely there is a rainbow somewhere nearby… outta here… or if I wanted to be more elegant… carpe diem!!


~ by kcjewel on July 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Stargazer III”

  1. On those flowers a photo of the back sides works just great!

  2. These are glowing now. They look radiant, like a new bride.

  3. So very pretty! I hope my mom has some this year in her garden!

  4. This is my favorite of the stargazer photos!

  5. I agree — this shot is so vibrant. I love the extra detail you’ve caught in the leaves.

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