Stargazer II


I’m trying… and you may see a few more of these before they have finished blooming. I love this flower and I’m not going to give up until I shoot one that I’m completely happy with.


~ by kcjewel on July 8, 2009.

8 Responses to “Stargazer II”

  1. beautiful…between this and seeing jason, i’m happy now!

  2. Oh…lovely! How are you getting the black background? In studio? or using something outside? I’ve been contemplating trying something similar but haven’t yet. Very lovely… truly.

  3. my023, yeah that jason is adorable isn’t he. i paused it at 3:22 and just stared at the screen.

    tx stacey… no studio, no props. i don’t think anything compares to natural light. i have a very shady garden and i’ve found that if i shoot late in the evening when the sun is coming through on a blossom the dirt provides a nice black background. i do bump up the contrast a bit to help in darkening the background because there are usually some leaves in there too. i had a bit of wind blur on this one, but i’m going to keep trying!

  4. What a great way to get a profile of this beauty. I know what you mean about shooting early/late evening. But nothing you can do about wind-blur!

  5. That is such a lovely flower! I will be happy to see more shots of it. I like this one very much.

  6. Very nice, I also have to ask, are you usin a black background in a studio? I have thought of doing the same in an outdoor setting..:-)

  7. Beautiful and interesting composition.

  8. Dramatic! Brilliant colours!

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