Be Cool


I hope everyone is staying cool today. I know I am because after the morning garden walk and FAST photo shoot I’m staying in. It’s now 96 and climbing and I really wish they would stop with the “feels like” factor. Do I really need to know that? I think not!

Even on the hottest of days its nice to find a spot of cool in the garden… these flower parts reminded me of frost.

~ by kcjewel on June 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Be Cool”

  1. Wow. This sounds so cheesy but the first phrase that came to mind when I saw this photo was “unadulterated nature.” great shot!

  2. Another great shot! I like your photos very much, beside being beautiful, they are both attentive and focused.

    96 F…sounds very very hot! More than we ever get here. Have a nice day – indoor.

  3. I love how you bring out the details of flowers in your photos.

  4. That does look cool and refreshing. Very nice close-up!

  5. Stay cool. And by the way, that is one cool image!

  6. Cool shot. Like the colors and the delicate nature of the photo. We’ve had temps of 104 already. For June, here in Arkansas, that is almost unheard of! Wait until mid-July or August. Look Out! But, then again, might there be a reversal of what is normal too. Maybe it will all be rain and cooler weather? I can only wish!

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