Chocolate Mint Dream


I’m going to try this again tomorrow night. I could not focus because the mosquitoes were eating me alive. Tomorrow morning or tomorrow night it’s OFF and focus!!! 95 degrees with about 90% humidity today… great day to stay in the air conditioning.


~ by kcjewel on June 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “Chocolate Mint Dream”

  1. What is that? It looks beautiful!

  2. thanks cherry, it’s an oriental poppy seed pod. there aren’t very many pretty blooms right now since we have had a lot of rain and wind, but the pods stand firm!!

  3. A fine poppy. Don’t let the Taliban get ahold of it.

  4. haha i <3… do you think they would trade it for weapons?

  5. It does look like chocolate and mint. A very attractive pod!

  6. Fascinating pod and wonderful title. I think the image looks pretty good as is. I look forward to “de-mosquitoed” efforts!

  7. The entire life cycle of poppies makes for wonderful photographs. There is a sense of tension created by this flower, as if something extraordinary is about to be announced. It reminds me of someone trying to keep a secret.

  8. I love how the title makes the whole photograph abstract. Stunning. Can we get some of your rain in Albuquerque?

  9. marvelouse image……
    sweet sense of chocolate with … bitter of mint, perfect combination….

  10. You chose the perfect title for this photograph! I love all things poppy from start to finish!

  11. Honestly, that looks so yummy I it is making me crave chocolate. I will never look at a poppy seed pod in the same way again!

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