Dragon Boat Festival


There were dragon boat races on the Plaza today… I had never seen a dragon boat race before. The teams were local organizations with some of them taking it more seriously than others. The weather was gorgeous (a little cloudy for great photography, but still gorgeous). Great race and people watching day.


And… in the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival I strolled over to P.F. Chang’s for some refreshments.  Second new thing for me today… a beer in a sweater.  I didn’t know they made sweaters for beer bottles at P.F. Chang’s… I just thought they made great chicken lettuce wraps!!


And finally… a fortune!

Sitting there, looking out at a small portion of the Plaza… thinking… it’s days like today that remind me just what a beautiful city I live in. I tend to take it for granted and should stop to appreciate it more often!!


AND, the Royals actually won a game tonight… it is a great day in KC!!

Zai jain for today!!

~ by kcjewel on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dragon Boat Festival”

  1. Fabulous shot of the dragon! I envy you. I would have loved to have been there today.

  2. That happy dragon face rather sets the tone for the day.

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