I don’t have a water garden, but I had the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful one this weekend. It was the annual sale for Steve Hess, Hallmark artist and gardener extraordinaire. His garden is a work of art and this lily is just one small piece!!


~ by kcjewel on May 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “Lily”

  1. That is so beautiful. It looks like a painting. Love the bubbles in the water.

  2. That’s beautiful, both the flower and its setting! Nice shot, too!

  3. The pink tinge in the bubbles holds it all together, delicious.

  4. Wow…great job on the details around the flower.

  5. This is a lovely shot. Everytime I think I have a favorite of your photos you come along with a new one that knocks my socks off!

  6. A small piece in the garden…
    And this photo is yet another small piece in your extraordinare work of photo art.
    I’m glad my clicks found your beautiful pictures.

  7. Your work is stunningly beautiful. You really bring a new focus to objects we see everyday. I just love this photo and that golden iris- how regal. Thanks for your nice words and for patronizing our sale. Please introduce yourself to me the next time we have occasion to meet. My memory is foggy with the rush of customers.

  8. So Beautiful!! Lovely frame. What and all you have in your garden? :)

  9. Wow! I want to go see this! It looks amazingly beautiful!

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