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No smoke and mirrors here. Exactly one year ago today, I shot this photograph in my backyard. I was out taking flower photos when, needless to say, this young chap startled the heck out of me. I’ve said it before, I don’t have the equipment or the expertise to shoot wildlife, but I’m certainly glad that I was able to catch this little one even if the photo is much less than perfect! I saw it nearly every day until May 25, 2008, when it was never again to be seen.


~ by kcjewel on May 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “Albino”

  1. Is it a robin you think? It is beautiful. Probably got eaten by cats.

  2. Tx! Audubon said it was a robin… I had to ask because I wasn’t sure. As it grew it was evident that it was a robin!

  3. I dunno…you have both the eye and the equipment. I like this photo.

  4. weeeel burstmode.. eye maybe, but my little ol’ point and shoot doesn’t have enough zoom for wildlife. good thing it wasn’t a bit scared of me or i would have never gotten so close! cherry, probably wasn’t scared of cats either and i have waaaay too many of them that visit my yard!! no offense to you cat lovers out there, but it would be nice if they would stay in their own yards and eat their own birds!! i saw one eating a turtle dove under my birdbath last week… grrrrrrr.

  5. I agree. I don’t have cats but had one killing a rabbit on my street this week. The crows LOVED that! GRRRRRRRR.

  6. My cat is exlusively an indoor dweller :)

    What an amazing little bird! I can truly say today I have seen something I never even imagined existed before now…an albino robin! What an wonderful photo you have captured. Great job!

  7. You were so fortunate to get a chance to photograph that little thing! Nice job with it too!

  8. Very nice! I like your latest post in strong colors, too.

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