Black and Blue

This is one of my favorite annuals. I didn’t find one last year, but I DID this year!!!


~ by kcjewel on May 11, 2009.

11 Responses to “Black and Blue”

  1. stunning! very nice!

  2. I dunno what it is but it looks hungry!

  3. Excellent photo! Looks like a snake about to strike!

  4. That;s a great shot! Nice work!

  5. What is it? I adore the colours.

  6. Nice shot!
    They’re very pretty…. do they come in other colors, too? I think I’ve seen them in a deep pink.

  7. thanks for the compliments all… uphilldowndale, it is a black and blue salvia. i don’t know the botanical name. thedailyclick, i think salvia come in lots of colors and forms, but i don’t know of another with black stems, etc. if you find a pink one please be sure to let me know where to get one!!!

  8. Those are stunning! I just spent the evening at the green house and did not see anything like it!

  9. Really like the color and detail here, Jewel. Nice!

  10. I love salvia and this is such an interesting variety! Great shot!

  11. Black & Blue are my favorite colours! This is so CooooooL!

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