Back to Bright (by request)



~ by kcjewel on May 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Back to Bright (by request)”

  1. What a lovely Poppy, crisp and vibrant. I like the way you offset the center and gave us a view of the luxuriant folds in the petals. I can just see a photo like this on my wall.

  2. I like this coloured one better than the black and white. It is so vibrant!

  3. I think this is more like a painting or crepe paper. Marvelous.

    The debate between color and black and white goes on. I like this both ways but each has a different feel. I think with the advent of digital, it is up to the artist to decide what feeling he wants to impart to their photo.

  4. Nice,… now I’m not sure which I prefer! Both are lovely.

  5. Yes they are both lovely but definitely different. The black and white is dominated by texture. This one by color. I love orange so I think this one wins for me.

  6. I like both the photos. The character of the photos are entirely different, in B&W its more of a calmness and classy..but colour is so loud and flashy.
    Good work :D

  7. Love the bright orange, its stunning!

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