Bright to Black & White

This traditional oriental poppy is bright orange, so I played a little with the B&W for the first time. I usually think summer is just around the corner when the poppies bloom, but I’m thinking they are a bit early this year… sure hope so anyway!!

Listening to new Cat Stevens… he calls himself Yusuf now, but will always be Cat to me! Remember this one?


~ by kcjewel on May 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Bright to Black & White”

  1. That really turned out well! Nice piece!

  2. The black and white has me focusing on the textures in this image but as orange is my favorite color, I’d love to see the color version of this image. I am assuming that my focus would then revert back to color and away from texture a bit. But who knows?

    By the way, I am listening to some Leonard Cohen… “Everybody Knows”.

  3. Stunning!

  4. I am not actually listening to anything except my accountant…sigh.
    This photo is a beautiful cyanotype.

  5. That’s some deep and awesome music you’re listnin to edvatza! I would love to see Leonard live, but the closest he’s coming to me is Denver. Who knows… just might do it!! Thanks montucky, Cedar and burstmode! P.S. I had no idea i did a cyanotype… haha. i’m learning though thanks to all of you experts.

    Ok, orange it is!

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