Making Some Sunshine

DERBY DAY!!!  I’m going with Regal Ransom, Dunkirk and Pioneer of the Nile.  Of course, I don’t bet any money because what I base my favorites on is totally unorthodox… I would like to pick Mr. Hot Stuff to win, but then my secret would be out of the bag… haha!!

I think these might be some kind of weed, but anyway… on this cloudy day, they are the brightest thing in the garden.  

Listening to two of my favs, Cash and Dylan, “You are My Sunshine”

…. and, a little Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, “Sunshine”.  Their CD “Hott Trottin” is incredible!!  JTNL MySpace

Thank goodness I don’t bet money. Mine That Bird wins and Calvin Borel is a gem of a jockey!!!

~ by kcjewel on May 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “Making Some Sunshine”

  1. Weeds or not, I like them. The blue color in the background is a very good detail.

  2. Very nice! Remember, one person’s weeds are another person’s wildflowers!

  3. I love wildflowers and your beautiful image just brought a little sunshine into my heart. Thank you for that!

  4. Wildflowers seem to be the best to look at, they are so natural. Wonderful photo!

  5. This image feels incredibly happy to me. I love the colors, especially the hint of blue. A LOVELY weed!

  6. This one is soo ‘AWESOME’
    I just love it. :D So refreshing tooooo.. :D

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