The Underground

Listening to Ben Harper, “Mama’s Got a Girlfriend Now”. Ben’s got a new CD dropping 5/5… I can’t wait!!!!

While waiting for a train in Boston.

“Bite me” and another that read, “This conductor has a face like a halibut” were banned by the T authorities.  Legal Seafood knows how to get attention!  They make pretty darn good chowder and crab cakes too!!  (YES, I was stuffed!!)



I almost missed this one… doggone post, holding up the subway, anyway!!!


~ by kcjewel on May 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Underground”

  1. If that’s an ad campaign, it’s a good one!

  2. so…any more discussion about that chowder and crab cakes? What did you sip along with them? sigh…now I am quite hungry.

  3. weeeell, i’ve had better clam chowder (the next day… haha), but the crab cakes were to die for!!! i believe i was sipping on a joseph drouhin chablis. we will call it sipping anyway. that’s the good thing about dining alone… no one knows and no one cares. *smiles*

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