Looking Out the Rainy Windows

Rain, rain go away come again some July day!! I took the week off for gardening and nothing is getting accomplished. Oh well…


OMG, it’s a jungle out there… if it is raining again tomorrow I’ll probably be pruning in the rain!!!

~ by kcjewel on April 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Looking Out the Rainy Windows”

  1. Hi Dana,

    Thanks for the visit and comments on my blog! Looks like you have a very photogenic garden, too. So green! Where are you located?

  2. That looks like a beautiful place to do yard work, rain or shine!

  3. cindydyer… it should be green, it’s been raining for over a week!!! it’s a fun place to take photographs… here in Kansas City, Missouri. it will be parched in July though. feast or famine.

    montucky… it has rained so much that the ground squishes when i walk through the lawn. i garden on my hands and knees, so this it’s not working for me right now!! *smiles*

  4. You have a wonderful (and green) garden! I will look foreward to see it change in the comming seasons. BTW, I have had so much fun taking photos of water and puddles reflections. Something to do, while you´r waiting for the sun :-)

  5. Nice garden shots. Rain makes it more beautiful!

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