Of Course I Didn’t


but, I certainly would like to… take a photograph of #1… *smiles*

The scenery here was getting a little monotonous so I just had to spice up my blog a little bit (even though the pic of Rafael Nadal belongs to Daylife/Getty Images). Never has men’s tennis looked so good!! Thanks for endulging me other photo bloggers… sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!! Yes, I’m a fan… but Nike, pleeeeease, can’t you dress him in something besides yellow and aqua? After all he IS a Spaniard (hint to bring back the red), not a preppy American. Sorry, it really isn’t about the clothes now is it??!! It’s about the tennis… ummm hummm. *smiles again*

Can you do this?

Man of many talents!

and… he’s pretty good at tennis too!

As long as I’m on the sports topic I might as well express my sadness that we lost Tony Gonzalez to the Falcons this week and Jeremy Maclin left the Tigers for the Eagles. Maybe I’ll be a Falcons or Eagles fan this winter… probably Falcons. Hopefully Tony will get that super bowl ring he sooooo deserves!! KC will miss you #88!!

~ by kcjewel on April 27, 2009.

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