The goth gods made this one. Skeeery lookin’ thing isn’t it??!!


~ by kcjewel on April 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “Budzilla”

  1. That’s quite a jacket it’s wearing! Good looking shot!

  2. Hello there girl !
    I am liking your “eye” very much .. these are great pictures that bring more to the photograph than just the subject .. I don’t know how to explain it .. but it is there : )

  3. Interesting shot. I would have liked a bit more dof so the bottom of the bud was also in focus. The background sets it off very nicely!

  4. Nice shot! I think you like to play with macro mode alot. :D Its a bit scary looking with all those tentacles..!!

  5. Oh my….I want to know this flower.

  6. Its another wonderful photo, btw.

  7. thank you everyone!!
    montucky, a jacket… interesting thought… designer jacket at that!
    edvatza, i totally agree with you… i’ll probably try again today
    burstmode, it is a perennial bachelor button that grows wild all over my garden. even the seedling plants keep their beautiful blue color.

  8. I think it is beautiful! And your treatment only amplifies that beauty.

  9. Wow! This is a definite stunner!!

  10. Simple and therefore a powerful photo…

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