Honor our Earth

Nothing speaks more of Earth to me than the May Apple.  I remember those days, when I was a child, walking with my Dad in the woods looking for morels.  I would always look under the May Apples thinking i would find them under the green umbrellas then hearing my Dad say, “you won’t find them there, come look over here”.  He’s the master morel hunter!!  It’s time for a walk… enjoy and Honor our Earth today… Earth Day!


~ by kcjewel on April 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Honor our Earth”

  1. Pretty leaves! I sure hope lots of folks did enjoy walks today! It’s so good for the soul.

  2. This is incredible. Beautiful green. I’ve not been privileged enough to “meet” a May Apple. Someone else recently posted a photo of May Apple blooms and they were fantastic. Morels? I love morels!. Where we vacationed in the Washington State Cascade Mountains, we used to find bags and bags of them. Saute them in a bit of butter and eat them with homemade bread slathered in butter too. Nummmmmmmm! Always had good intentions on saving them to use in food preparation, but they never made it that far! LOL

  3. Beautiful photo, great angle, such wonderful green colors! I read a little at wikipedia, because we don´t have this plant here in Denmark. I would like to make a link to your blog on my blogroll, with a note about from which area you are blogging, – can you tell me?

  4. I just want to say that you have been posting some wonderful, brilliant images. The compositions are just outstanding!

  5. thanks, montucky, iona, giiid and edvatza, for the compliments. funny how the simplest things can be so beautiful. giiid i live in smack in the middle of the US in Kansas City, Missouri. that is nice of you to add me to your blogroll… i need to figure out how to do that… there is just not enough hours in the day!!

  6. Thank you, you are on my blogroll now. It is realy easy to collect blogs, just look at text on top of your screen, right site. BLOG INFO. Click and see the text “add to blog roll”. When you are visiting a blog you would like to add, just click. Later on, when you get time, you can go via the dashboard – and LINKS, and write a little about them, or change order and so on.

  7. Morels and May apples…I never heard of them but I love the angle of the photo and the beautiful green.

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