For Kitty…


… because I was making her feel guilty about getting the “good” books! Love ya girl… and if your husband thinks you are crazy for buying them you know where I live!!  (I’ll take the books, not the husband… hahaha)

This photo was taken, after a recent trip to the thrift store, when I bought the “not so good” books because Kitty bought the “good” books. *LOL*

I do love these red leather volumes and being twenty-five cents for 8 makes them even more enjoyable. There are two missing from the set, “Classic Mystery and Detective Stories of All Nations” from 1909, “American Stories” and “Real Life Stories”.

An excerpt from the French stories contrives a photographer’s paradise… “Picture to yourself a landscape of infinite sweetness, a great cultivated plain, which rises by imperceptible gradation to the base of a distant chain of mountains, the undulating outlines of which are traced upon the sky in aerial indentations. Directly in front of the chateau, beyond the Rhine, a market town, with neat houses carefully whitewashed and with gardens attached, spreads itself around a little cove, like a fan. Upon the right of this great village a rustic church reflects the sun from its tinned spire; on the left, some large mills show their lazily turning wheels, and behind these mills, the church and the market town, extends the fertile plain which I have just endeavored to describe to you, and which I cannot praise too much. Oh! charming landscape!” ~Victor Cherbuliez

The little silver vases (also twenty-five cents) held perfectly a few narcissus picked while it was snowing. Yes snowing… it is April and there were a few brief moments of snow today. The droplets on the petals were the result of melting snowflakes.

The weather folks are predicting some not so brief moments of freezing weather the next three nights. I don’t have time to cover things… may the strong survive!!! Maybe the winds we’ve been having lately and the clouds will be friends to the buds and newly emerging shoots.

~ by kcjewel on April 5, 2009.

10 Responses to “For Kitty…”

  1. I love how you shot these…and yes, I have quite a few books my significant other would prefer I dispose of…

  2. “books” and “dispose of” should not be used in the same sentence… unless, of course, it is from kitty’s house to my house!! r u out there kitty? i’m just messin’ witcha!! *smiles*

  3. thanks for the compliment burstmode, you grow beautiful amaryllis!! do they bloom multiple times a year or just once? we have to dig them and bring the bulbs inside for the winter which I don’t get done often. i’m a very lazy gardener come fall!!

  4. Wow! I can’t believe how cheap your thrift store prices are! Iis rare to get a book for under $2.00 here. Those are great looking old books. And the flowers iyour beautiful bargain vase are just amazing. I am a terrible gardener, but I do so appreciate the results of someone else’s hard work and creativity in the garden. I have no computer access just now, so I am attempting to peruse your blog via cell phone.

  5. Lovely composition. Beautiful image. Well done.

  6. I had to come back again. I’ve just seen this on the “big” screen (as opposed to my phone’s little screen), and this is even more lovely.

  7. Really nice composition! Everything works great in this from the beautiful flowers to the red leather books.

    btw thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Hi Dana, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Your photos are so beautifully done. You have a real gift for photography.
    I love those poets daffodils. I have some coming up for the first time in my garden this spring. Can’t wait to see their lovely faces.
    Our redwings are not mean at all and have never bombed our heads. Perhaps it’s because they nest out in the fields and don’t feel threatened by us.
    I’m wondering which part of the country you’re in. Your weather sounds just like ours. We’ve had light snow flurries all day here, and the wind is straight from the arctic. Not nice at all!

  9. hi beca… yes, there is a TS close by that on Sunday has items that have been in the store for 5 weeks for 25 cents. those books were priced as a set so the entire set was 25 cents… saaaweeet!! it’s fun, but i need to start donating some things back!! Tx for coming back for a second look.
    edvataza & andy… hi and thank you! i’ll be stopping by your blog often i’m sure.
    hello kerri… tx and please post a pic of your daffodils. i’m in missouri. did i see that you are somewhere in the northeast? i’m headed for a week in boston soon so will have camera in hand i’m sure. just hope i can break away from business long enough to snap a few.

  10. absolutely gorgeous flowers! Brilliant photograph too — lovely lighting!!

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