Garden Walk the Morning After

It’s amazing how some of the smallest survive!


This is really not photo worthy, but I was laughing so hard when i took this picture I could hardly hold the camera still… was just standing there thinking how many times, during my life, i felt like a snowstorm had hit me in the face… sorry Mr. Gnome, wasn’t really laughing at “you”!  <smiles>  I guess I need to be careful here… I don’t really talk to the gnome.  :o)


The jury is still out on the fate of the early bloomers.  They still look beautiful, but in a few days the true story will be told.



img_42911The tulip will likely be fine and as far as the maple seed goes, well… i have enough maple trees in my yard and am glad that a few seeds came down early… that’s a few less maple seedlings I will have to pull out of the guttering!!  The cherry trees had just opened and I had enjoyed two days of their “glow in the dark” whiteness. The magnolia… these are may favorite of the springtime so it makes me sad that they won’t be the beauties that they usually are! 


The hyacinths… they will survive. (Ok, now that song is going to be in my head all day and i don’t even care for it. No disrespect to Gloria Gaynor intended.)







The quince seems to have taken it the worst so far, the blooms are laying all over the snow. Knowing that this plant is a child of a quince from the Meneely farm back home, I know the plant will “weather the storm”, minus a few blooms.









The tree peony was actually standing up pretty straight until the snowplow came by going about 70 miles an hour and heaved a pile of snow right in the middle of it. …and… The helleborus are very top heavy so they are mostly under the snow right now… I hope that means they were protected and will continue to bloom.

I believe I mentioned that I don’t talk to the gnome, but I do have fairies in my garden… yep, I sure do!  They live here…


and they dance here…


Ok, enough about gnomes and fairies, I have a human question… why do people shovel snow? … it’s going to melt!!

And now, just some randomness to finish up my garden walk.

The frogs are practicing their maypole dance even in the snow…
… the grot has hair, but not for long!
I’ll be able to see the viola in the urn again soon
and this delphinium weathers a storm like it’s made of metal or something!

And… that pretty much sums it up… CELEBRATE LIFE!!

~ by kcjewel on March 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Garden Walk the Morning After”

  1. I so enjoyed the tour! Was that a fairy shadow dancing in the shadow?

  2. Your photos are delightful and the Gnome made me laugh. Looks like the season made a whimsical little “poof” at him. I can imagine those garden fairies dancing!

  3. Don’t you just hate when that happens. But still I enjoyed the garden walk this morning. Thanks.

  4. I love this collection. Especially the one where the fairies dance.

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