Baby It’s Cold Outside


img_42562Lots of flowers came inside yesterday, and the hyacinths have made my house smell like spring, even though it’s not very springlike outside. So far today we’ve had some rain, some sleet and now it’s snowing like it’s never going to quit. I love the snow when I can stay inside and watch! I found this silver teapot at the thrift store this morning before the bad weather arrived. Another shopper said “Oh, that will clean up beautifully”, but I love the “life” that the patina portrays so it will remain as it is. The beautiful vase below… a gift from a dear friend.


~ by kcjewel on March 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Oh I like these…I agree about the patina on the teapot. Those blue flowers have given me a lot of good photos.

  2. I love your first photo with the purity of the white petals and the rich tones elsewhere! I wouldn’t change a thing with that teapot!

  3. Beautiful flower arrangement/still life photos here! A fun thing to do, aren’t they?

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